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CA Clarity is not an easy application to master; not because the application is difficult to learn but the integration requirements between business process best practices and system interaction is so important to the success of a Clarity deployment.  Many Clients are left with an expensive investment that isn't paying dividends precisely because the integration of the system and business processes isn't there.

Other Clients may be wary of taking on implementing Clarity because they don't understand the tool and how to leverage it.  Knowing how to deliver the requirements for an implementation is a core factor of the success or failure of the implementation project.

As a Clarity Functional Consultant, my role is to bring to your organization the expertise with the Clarity tool and knowledge of how customers have implemented this tool (for better or worse).  Having 18 years of Project Management experience also provides my Clients with a unique benefit of Project and Portfolio Management best practices and how to make those come to life in Clarity.

Clarity is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system - like Oracle and Peoplesoft, you need an expert on your side.  Whether by serving as a Business Architect interfacing with CA Clarity Services in your implementation or Clarity or assisting your organization in transforming your projects groups around the tool, RPMC has the expertise and knowledge to save you time, money and headaches in your Clarity endeavors.

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Project Mechanic provides services specifically designed to assess your organization and systems ability to take advantage of new technology deployments or refresh projects. In this economic climate, the efficient implementation of systems and the transition to operations isn’t a luxury – it is a necessity.

Projects to implement technology devices (hardware or software) are primarily dependent on the following elements to ensure success and the expected results from the deployment:

  • The legacy systems ability to take advantage of the new technology
  • The organizational processes ability to efficiently use the new technology
  • The resources capability to manage and operate the new technology
  • The leadership’s commitment to the new technology

Any of the above factors, when not properly accounted for, can derail or cause a project to fail. Worse than failure, they can provide the foundation to implement a system that impacts efficiency, cost savings and performance. All of these project pitfalls can be avoided or mitigated if they are known at the outset of the project.

In your Technology Capability Assessment, a Project Mechanic will provide a comprehensive look into the success factors for your technology deployment and provide a report card detailing the organizational readiness state. Action plans and project pre-work can be outputs from the assessment, in the case that the organization isn’t quite ready for deployment. These tactical and strategic direction shifts can even be factored into the deployment planning for your technology project

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Project Management Leadership

RPMC provides leadership resources for your organizations strategic project portfolio. Our team of skilled resources will ensure that your project is given every opportunity to succeed.

Each of the project managers provided by RPMC will be:

PM Leadership 

These are just a few of the qualities our project managers bring to your organization. Give us a call to find out more.

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Process Design & Documentation

Why would you call a Project Mechanic to help you design and/or document your process(es)?

You have a growing business and want to ensure your future staff execute your process properly.
You have a group of employees that execute the same process in different ways, causing variation in your deliverables to your customers.
You have a service that requires precision execution.
You are deploying changes to your operating model that will require Change Management techniques to effectively train and deploy the modifications.

In any of these scenarios, Project Mechanic can bring the right mix of definition and documentation to your rescue. Crisp, clear and intuitive process is critical to the success of these efforts. Whether is it high level documentation to guide your staff or level 5 process maps that leave nothing to change, Project Mechanic has the process design experience to fulfill your needs.



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Clarity Consulting

RPMC provides Clarity Consulting for organizations looking to investigate, implement, improve or manage a Clarity implementation.  RPMC has the experience with Clarity to support your organization no matter what your needs may be.  With experience in functional process development and integration to your business, CA Clarity setup, configuration and advanced functional architecture, we can provide the Clarity support you need to make the goals of your PPM methodology come to life.

RPMC can assist with:

Workflow process, custom Clarity objects and attributes, portlet development, page generation, security configuration, financial setup and configuration, PM methodology tied to Clarity, Portfolio integration to the business, resource management, simple query development, XOG script, OBS setup, partitions, MS Project integration and other configurations.

PM maturity development, change management strategies, business unit integration, PMO process integrations, PMO creation, Portfolio methdology, PM process integration with support models and all Project Management related areas tied to tools.

RPMC has worked with leaders in major verticals to deliver success in their Clarity implementations - why not let us help with your Clarity project.


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