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Successful Clarity implementations require a knowledgeable and experienced Clarity Consultant to work with your organization. The Functional Consultant/Architect will both bring Clarity into the environment as well as integrate the Project Management Processes that are in use today into Clarity.

Most organizations have informal Project process that isn't necessarily ready to be implemented within an ERP-level project management tool. These processes can normally benefit from interation with Clarity and merging those information processes into Clarity requires a skilled hand in coercing these processes into Clarity's sometimes rigid infrastructure.

Clarity Mechanic has the expertise and diverse implementation of PPM Systems (focusing on Clarity) to help the organization leverage the tool/system while minimizing the time spent experimenting with Clarity's vast option set. Clarity is an enormous application that extends deep into each facet of the project and portfolio process. A Clarity Mechanic knows each area of Clarity to accelerate your integration into a useful/productive state. They know how to tune your Clarity implementation so that needs and goals for measuring projects can be accomplished.

Clarity Mechanics work with organizations on their behalf to interface with CA on Clarity implementations as a Client Advocate. CA delivers software solutions and is concerned with implementing the software and exiting their Statement of Work in addition to the needs of the Client. For many Clients, a Clarity Mechanic/Client Advocate is the best choice for getting the most from their Clarity implementation quickly, completely and cost effectively. A Clarity Mechanic may also serve your organization by delivering your Clarity environment in concert with your organization and CA. This model is effective and minimizes the need for your Project Managers and Business Analysts to traverse the steep learning curve while ensuring you get what is needed from Clarity. Whether by checkpoint consulting or full engagement with your organization, a Clarity Mechanic is there to help transition to Clarity and see the expected results on the first attempt.

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