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Project Mechanic provides services specifically designed to assess your organization and systems ability to take advantage of new technology deployments or refresh projects. In this economic climate, the efficient implementation of systems and the transition to operations isn’t a luxury – it is a necessity.

Projects to implement technology devices (hardware or software) are primarily dependent on the following elements to ensure success and the expected results from the deployment:

  • The legacy systems ability to take advantage of the new technology
  • The organizational processes ability to efficiently use the new technology
  • The resources capability to manage and operate the new technology
  • The leadership’s commitment to the new technology

Any of the above factors, when not properly accounted for, can derail or cause a project to fail. Worse than failure, they can provide the foundation to implement a system that impacts efficiency, cost savings and performance. All of these project pitfalls can be avoided or mitigated if they are known at the outset of the project.

In your Technology Capability Assessment, a Project Mechanic will provide a comprehensive look into the success factors for your technology deployment and provide a report card detailing the organizational readiness state. Action plans and project pre-work can be outputs from the assessment, in the case that the organization isn’t quite ready for deployment. These tactical and strategic direction shifts can even be factored into the deployment planning for your technology project

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