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Project Management Assessments

Your organization has project managers, and they manage projects. Simple, right?

Actually, project management is a complex mix of science and art. The discipline takes years to become fluent in the practices and principles of project management. The most common mistake in project management is to hire a couple of project managers and let them do their thing.

Project Mechanic provides your organization with an assessment of the current project management methodologies in use and consults with your business to design a strategy to enhance and strengthen your project management results.

Project management has been described accurately as a system. The lifecycle of an organization's project management methodology, like all systems, needs improvements and upgrades to continue to provide the benefits expected by the organization and their customers.

The professionals at Project Mechanic are committed to the Project Management Institute's PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) and the OPM3 (Organizational Project Management Maturity Model). Through a comprehensive assessment of the project management structure within your organization, using OPM3, Project Mechanic will provide a benchmark of your current progress and a map towards project management maturity in the organization. For full maturity, project management must transcend the project manager and move towards the organization structuring their operating practices to enhance the environment that the project is conducted within.

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