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Welcome to Rogers Project Management Consulting – RPMC. We help companies make their projects and technology assets perform. If you're like most people, projects and IT assets are necessary evils – you know you need them, and they serve a function, but most of the time your operation is at the mercy of things outside your core business.

Projects and IT Infrastructure performance is the core business of RPMC. Let RPMC take the mystery out of these endeavors (if you like) or perform the magic for you and let you manage what is really important – your business. After all, making money and supporting our customers is what business is all about.

Whether supporting your business with cost saving initiatives, technology projects or simply helping you navigate the dizzying array of choices that technology asks you to face, RPMC endeavors to make the process simple. We really listen to your needs and provide the right solution - not a one size fits all approach.

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